Everybody Love Snacks

Last night on Rated Black for Everyone Radio, up and coming rap artist SMB Snacks was in the studio. We discussed his early struggles, his goals for 2017, and debut the single “Proving” from his soon to be released EP Mark My Words. When asked if “Proving” was describing himself before the struggle, during it, or afterwards he said:

“…definitely during the struggle. In a house with no heat eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to living in my car  when I was 18. I definitely had something to prove to myself.”


Although the song was only a mere 2 minutes long it was packing a lot of heat.


The 20 year old westsider reminisced on his journey of overcoming poverty to becoming the self-made man he’s proud of today. As the youngest member of L.O.T.T.O ENT, Snacks is a definite heavy weight delivering simplistic, real, and honest music.

He is what the new generation is calling for .

Be sure to download the TuneIn app and catch General P Next Tuesday at 8pm

14806985965141574276239 (1).jpg


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