This Show is IT-Dr. PuPsi’s Perspective!!

Every Monday from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. I, Dr. Diedrus Brown,  host “ Dr. PuPsi’s Perspective ” – a talk show that deals with VERY real topics. Listeners can call in and ask questions and I answer them with VERY real advice and solutions that the caller can act on if they wish.  “Dr. PuPsi” gives listens current information that is useful in their everyday lives when she is not answering questions. I am extremely knowledgeable, a state-certified counselor and have provided counseling and guidance to youth, individuals, and couples for over 25 years.

LISTEN and CALL IN to ask a question, give information to me that you have, or to just make a comment. Be a part of “Dr. PuPsi’s Perspective” and call: (331) 330-4927.  I’ll be waiting on your call on Monday October October 17th, 2016 when the topic is …What You Should Do When Your Mate or Spouse is Financially Irresponsible. 



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