Before you listen… I am Brandon Maurice Wright of OutWrightRadio.

Growing up in Gary, IN I became interested in things that most kids in my surroundings were not into. I started musical theater and performance when I when was 7 with my father at the Westside theater guild and carried it into high school. Between doing musical theater (Zombie Prom) and glee club (Vocalteens) those factors helped me understand that they’re is a spot in the sky for me in entertainment. After graduation, I began to audition for performing arts schools and schools for entertainment talents. I got accepted and declined from schools all over the nation. Some believed I was ready and some believed I wasn’t. Once I gave it a rest on trying to be the big artist I started to look at myself and I started to focus on my other talents. I put so much in music that I felt like if I was going to go hard for something else I needed the core training, experience, and knowledge to take on the job. I now attend the Illinois Center for Broadcasting and is focusing on training on radio and  television talent. My goal is to reach the world by doing what I love. I want to use radio, television, music, acting, and performance as an beacon to draw creativity for the youth of my hometown Gary, IN to keep the arts alive. Not only Gary but also America. I would also use those assets to help African American LGBTQ thrive and grow. unnamed


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